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Islamic Finance & Sukuk
Attending the course will help you:
  • Understand the foundations of Islamic banking and finance
  • Learn about Shari’ah compliant products and look at the difference between conventional and Islamic finance
  • Consider Sukuk types structure, index, trading and secondary markets

Course background

The programme will look at how to structure Shari’ah compliant funds for project finance, private equity, wealth management and different asset classes, as well as considering what additional Shari’ah compliant filters are applied in risk management and corporate governance.  Capital market products that comply with the Shari’ah to attract petro-Dollar oil investments will also be discussed as part of the course.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of the capital markets, finance and investment, as well as for those who wish to understand the fundamental concepts of Islamic Finance.  The programme is also suitable for Capital Market personnel, Central Bankers and Regulators, Product Developers, Corporate Bankers, Financial Controllers, Treasurers, Fund Managers, Investment Managers and those in Risk Management.

Course Tutor

Dr. Aly Khorshid
Aly is a Visiting Fellow at ICMA and has been involved with Islamic financial institutions for over two decades. He is an expert on Shariah compliant finance within the Islamic law, capital market products, fund Structure for global investment, project finance, due diligence, alternative finance (including Waqf family “Endowment/Trust”) and inheritance. He is a Shari’ah board member in selected Islamic institutions and has also served as Wealth Manager with several banks. His Publications includes Islamic Insurance “A modern Approach to Islamic Banking” 2004, the Encyclopaedia of Islamic finance 2008, Dictionary of Islamic Finance 2011, Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks 2013 and Towards Standardisation of Islamic Finance, due in 2013. He is also the joint author of several publications and many articles published on Islamic finance.

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Islamic Finance
  • Shari’ah requirements
  • Prohibitions in Islamic Finance trading
  • Islamic banks and the difference with conventional banks

Session 2: Shari’ah Compliant Products
  • Musharakh (Joint Venture)
  • Mudarabah (Profit sharing)
  • Murabaha (Cost Plus)
  • Ijarah (Rental)
  • Istisna’a (Manufacturing)

Session 3: Shari’ah Compliant Products (Cont.)

  • Salam (Future payment)
  • Bay Bithaman ajil (Delayed payment)
  • Tawaroq
  • Qard Hassan (Interest free loan)
  • Case study, Comparison between Islamic Finance tools vs. conventional investment tools

Session 4: Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) Type, Structure, Index, Trading
  • Sukuk types
  • Difference between Sukuk and Bonds
  • Sukuk structure and application
  • Securitising Sukuk
  • Sukuk issuance and index
  • Sukuk trading and secondary markets
  • Case Study

Session 5: Structure Islamic Fund for Investment and Project Finance
  • Principles of Islamic investment
  • Structured finance: An overview
  • Structured product within Shari’ah compliant
  • Sukuk structure, an ideal project finance investment
  • Commodity Murabaha
  • Securitisation (asset backed and based)

Session 6: Product innovation: Private equity, Wealth management, Islamic Derivatives, hedge fund, options, swaps and FOREX

  • Islamic private equity fund
  • Wealth management
  • Islamic derivatives and hedge funds(Shari’ah restrictions & application)
  • Islamic Forward currency exchange, Currency options, profit rate swaps, and FOREX

Session 7: Islamic Asset Management, Private equity

  • Structure Shari’ah-compliant Portfolio Management
  • Islamic asset management, Equity market, private equity, venture capital and unit trust
  • Equity and stock screening for Shari’ah compliant
  • Shari’ah-compliant Asset Classes, Sukuk, fixed income
  • Case Study

Session 8: Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Islamic Finance
  • Governance framework in Islamic finance institutions
  • Shari'ah Board responsibilities and accountability
  • Disclosures and transparency
  • Risk Management in Islamic Finance
  • Case Study
  • Q&A
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